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Fairhope High School 100th Anniversary 1923 - 2023
“Alma Mater, Hail to Thee”


Event Details



The FHS 100th Anniversary Celebration kicked off with the FHS HOMECOMING PARADE on Thursday, September 21 @ 6:00 pm. 


The parade was led by the FHS band and the high school floats.  Then there were floats representing each decade since the first graduating class 1923-24!!  Many alumni have been very creative in decorating these floats.  Students from the elementary schools and middle schools decorated floats and rode in the parade.  Also, we  celebrated the awesome teachers through the years--a number of them rode in golf carts.  This is the first homecoming parade in several years. It was very well attended and a true community celebration of Fairhope High School.

Photos from the 100th Anniversary Parade

Once a Cheerleaders, Always a Cheerleader

Virginia Zyriek



Grand Marshall-- Descendants of 1923-24 graduate Lillian Steele: Kathy, Andrea and Daughter




Beloved Driver Ed Teacher--Mr C






A few of the many teachers who formed our lives




The 20s-- Fairhope Elementary East










The 30s--Prohibition--Check out the banners describing some of the ways the 30s impacted the American culture.





































The 40s--A tribute to the men and women who served and sacrificed for our freedom.



















































The 50s--Fairhope Middle School

































The 60s--Fairhope Elementary West & Old hippies from that decade










The 70s--Captured the events and people who made FHS GREAT















The 80s--





















The 90s




























The 2000s - The Millennials Brought in The Social Decade












The 2010s - All Things Harry Potter Dominated this Decade

J. L. Newton Elementary School





Friday, November 3 at 7:00 PM   

Former Homecoming Queens to be Introduced by decades

during play breaks.

ALUMNI BASEBALL GAME (with Tailgating Party in “Right Field Lounge”)

Saturday, November 4 at 10:00 am

Fairhope Municipal Field off Volanta Ave

To sign up to play, contact Coach Kyle Hunter at


Saturday, November 4 at 3:30 pm

Location: in front of K1 Center

Pavers may now be ordered through the City


Saturday, November 4, 4:00 – 7:00 pm

Come Celebrate This

FHS 100th Anniversary

With Old and New Friends

DJ & Light Refreshments

FEEF Pavilion behind K1 Center


Tickets Available for $15pp. Purchase through

Purple Pass

or scan the QR code below

Please Note :Tickets that evening at the gate

will be $30 per person.


Will have a Handicap Drop-off at gate on Summit.

There will be some chairs in the FEEF Pavilion. But if you 

are handicapped, you may bring a chair.

All left over proceeds will be donated to FEEF

(Fairhope Educational Enrichment Foundation)

for the renovation of 4 classrooms on the property.


(Now Open)


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